Real Time Data Synchronization

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Wessan Interactive

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Enterprise integration to provide a real time link between a legacy phone based auction system and next generation web based system.

Executive Summary

Wessan Interactive is a widely recognized provider of inbound and outbound IVR services in the teleservices industry. Wessan Interactive provides their clients with a wide array of enterprise services:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Voice messaging
  • Web site development
  • Transcription
  • Fullfillment services

Business Challenge

A client of Wessan Interactive was running an auction service that used a telephone system for bidding. Wessan was implementing a web based auction solution for the client that needed to integrate with the legacy telephone based system. The phone and web applications stored their data in different formats, creating a need to synchronize data from both sources.

How ZuniSoft Helped

ZuniSoft designed and implemented a solution for real time transaction synchronization using a set of paired data tables in a MS SQL Server database. The solution was a combination of T-SQL triggers and stored procedures to handle the parsing and reformatting of the data from the two different bidding systems. The challenge was creating a set of stored procedures to efficiently parse the character delimited records from the telephone based system so they could be used by the web based system in real time. Records created by the web based system also required translation so they could be used by the telephone based system.

Value Delivered

The business case for the data synchronization project was to enable real time sharing of bidding data from two incompatible auction systems. The project was a success. The data synchronization team was able to deliver modern web based auction system that fully integrated with the legacy application, preserving investments in that system.