ZuniSoft (formerly Mutiny Bay Software, LLC.) was founded by Keith R. Davis in November of 1997. ZuniSoft’s client list encompasses both government and private sector businesses: Indian Health Service, United States Public Health Service, Informatix Laboratories Corporation, Wessan Interactive, Ernest & Julio Gallo, Outcome Concept Systems, Inc., Rocky Mountain Technology Group, Inc., Full Circle Software, and others.


Deliver quality technology solutions that automate business processes, improve productivity and performance for our clients.


Keith R. Davis

President and CEO

Keith has over 18 years of professional experience in software architecture, development and systems consulting. Before ZuniSoft, Keith served as Senior Software Engineer at HBSI, Inc. (Solucient, LLC) where he was the lead technical resource for many of the company’s healthcare business intelligence products. He designed, prototyped, collaborated with other departments and served as a mentor for numerous engineers at HBSI. Keith started ZuniSoft after the merger between HBSI and HCIA-Sachs.