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After playing around with BlogEngine.NET for the last couple of months, I have decided to retire it and go back to WordPress. The bottom line is the software is not quite ready for Mono and Linux. There always seemed to be some minor issue to overcome whether it was installing a plugin or figuring out why your session was expiring unexpectedly. Most of these problems were related to subtleties in Mono’s implementation of .NET and while they were not show stoppers, they always seemed to get in the way of using the tool for its designed purpose.

I might have stuck with BE however, the project lacks any sort of unit or integration testing which would help with the quality of the releases. There appeared to be a number of bugs and discussion topics related to regression failures which confirmed this is a problem that could be mitigated through some sort of testing discipline.

I would like to thank the BlogEngine developers for creating a feature packed open source tool.  Please consider taking a test driven approach with future versions of BE and you will have a winner!

GlassFish and Cactus Unit Tests

I started creating Cactus unit tests for a number of servlet filters in openEPRS.  I didn’t get far before encountering a number of strange problems.  For the life of me I could not get the cactifywar ant task to add a FilterRedirector to my project’s web.xml.  I posted a number of questions to the Cactus user’s mailing list and although I received excellent support from Petar Tahchiev, we could not determine what was causing the problem.  I decided to RTFM and to make a long story short…

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