Yiinfinite-scroll Paging Issues

I have been using Davi Alexandre’s yiinfinite-scroll extension to add Twitter like scrolling to my pet health record project.

I was using yiinfinite-scroll version 1.2 and yii 1.1.14. I followed the instructions and at first it seemed to work. I had a model with 12 rows and that happened to be my page size. Everything works, scrolling produces no paging.

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WordPress Plugin Form Submissions

Development of my first WordPress plugin brought me to a basic piece of functionality, handling form submissions. I knew that I could submit a form via AJAX; however, that would not work for forms that allow file uploads without adding extra code and page markup. Being new to the world of WordPress, I went on a search for how this should be done. The search ended with a possible solution found on WordPress Answers.

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PHP & MySQL – Search Multiple Fields and Terms


I needed to find a simple way to implement a text search on a table without using MySQL’s fulltext search functionality. I am currently limited to using a version of MySQL that only supports fulltext search on the MyISAM storage engine. My tables use the InnoDB storage engine, hence the problem. This post will show a quick and dirty way to search multiple database fields with multiple search terms using only SQL.

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Audit Data Modifications with Zend_DB

One of the requirements for my electronic medical record prototype is ability to track data modifications as users interact with the system. I wanted to see how difficult this would be to accomplish using the Zend Framework. This exercise ranged from being extremely trivial with Ruby on Rails to quite convoluted using the Java Persistence API (JPA). A quick web search landed me at zed23 where I found an example by Ryan Brooks that was pretty close to what I was looking for. Continue reading “Audit Data Modifications with Zend_DB”

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Building PHP Projects with Phing

Now that I have NetBeans, Zend and XAMPP installed and configured (see this article), I moved on to find a build system for my project. I have used Ant for years and as luck would have it, there is an equivalent for PHP called Phing. The need for such a utility is multifold: document generation, unit testing, packaging your project for distribution, etc.

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New Site Layout

I found an exceptional WordPress theme named Abstractia by Rob Goodlatte. I liked it so well that I made it the theme for this site. There are a few kinks to work out such as getting Transmenu to work with IE 7 and figure out why I can’t add bookmarks to the bottom of my posts. Bookmark plugins work with my old WordPress theme but not this one. Kudos to Rob for a job well done!

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