openEPRS Project Update

It was over two years ago that I embarked on creating an open source electronic medical record. Today I have decided to discontinue work on openEPRS. This rise of other open source projects such as Medsphere put openEPRS at a competitive disadvantage. The complexity and scope of building an EMR is beyond the capabilities of a single developer. That is not to say definitively that it is impossible. However, by the time a single person could complete such a project, it would be obsolete.

In retrospect, the project was not a complete failure. openEPRS was a great opportunity for learning Ruby on Rails which helped me become a better developer. Now, on to the next challenge!

The Prodigal Developer Returns to Rails

It has been two days since I posted an article on auditing data modifications using the Zend Framework. I have recently published a number of other articles on Zend in general. I noticed a recurring statement that forced me to rethink the pursuit of using alternative frameworks for openEPRS:

“X is easier with Ruby on Rails than it is with (insert language and/or framework)”

When I started openEPRS in 2007, Ruby on Rails was the chosen platform. I liked it because it was easy to learn, concise and held close DRY development principles. It really is an amazing framework, one that is truly a disruptive platform.
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openEPRS: Web Services Console

I decided to spruce up the default page for the openEPRS web services application.  The application is implemented using the Jersey RI for JSR-311 REST Web Services.  While Jersey provides a nice UI for testing your web services, trying to integrate it into the main application was more trouble than it was worth.  Since the framework is still under development, I don’t want to redo all my modifications every time a new version is released.  I still wanted to find some way of displaying what services are available and document how they are used.

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