GlassFish and Cactus Unit Tests

I started creating Cactus unit tests for a number of servlet filters in openEPRS.  I didn’t get far before encountering a number of strange problems.  For the life of me I could not get the cactifywar ant task to add a FilterRedirector to my project’s web.xml.  I posted a number of questions to the Cactus user’s mailing list and although I received excellent support from Petar Tahchiev, we could not determine what was causing the problem.  I decided to RTFM and to make a long story short…

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openEPRS: Web Services Console

I decided to spruce up the default page for the openEPRS web services application.  The application is implemented using the Jersey RI for JSR-311 REST Web Services.  While Jersey provides a nice UI for testing your web services, trying to integrate it into the main application was more trouble than it was worth.  Since the framework is still under development, I don’t want to redo all my modifications every time a new version is released.  I still wanted to find some way of displaying what services are available and document how they are used.

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Ext Reader for Jersey Web Services

I just started exploring the impressive Ext JavaScript framework. It is very easy to work with and supports a number of options for getting data into your Web 2.0 applications. I also started experimenting with Jersey, the reference implementation for JSR 311 RESTful web services. After playing with both for a couple of days, I thought I would try using the two together, easier said than done.
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KB: JAVA_HOME on Ubuntu

Set JAVA_HOME environment variable on Ubuntu Linux.

To globally set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, edit /etc/environment and add the following to the top of the file: