ASP.NET MVC – LabelFor htmlAttributes Extension

Part of using any new framework such as ASP.NET MVC, is finding out what it can and cannot do. I was designing the layout for my application’s web forms and found out the LabelFor HTML helper didn’t allow one to pass html attributes like many of the other HTML helpers. Digging around on the web, I found this handy bit of code on Imran Baloch’s blog that neatly solved my problem. Continue reading “ASP.NET MVC – LabelFor htmlAttributes Extension”

New Critters Version in the Works

I recently started working on the next generation of Critters, my personal pet health record project. The new version will be based on ASP.NET MVC and JQuery Mobile.

Pet data will be stored on a secure server and allow access to any device that supports a JavaScript enabled web browser. This will give end users a wider range of devices to use with Critters. Multiple devices in conjunction with cloud services and storage puts your pet’s information at your fingertips anywhere!

Check back and we will let you know when we get our demo up and running!

ASP.NET MVC and Tabs

Recently I have been spending time creating a batch application for SQL Server Reporting Services. During the day, I work for a third-party administrator (TPA). Part of the business involves the payment of medical, vision and dental claims on the behalf of our clients. Periodically we need to print the check registers on the accounts from which the claims payments are made. A data driven subscription alone is not flexible enough. Running the report on demand for each date and client would take too long.

To make it easy for the accounting department to run these reports, I created a web application using ASP.NET MVC that allows the user to search for check runs by date and then select which registers to print from the search results. The selection is used to populate a parameter table followed by the application executing a SQL Agent job associated with a standard data driven subscription for the check register report. Now that the background is out of the way, on to the problem and solution.

Continue reading “ASP.NET MVC and Tabs”