Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fewer Future Posts - Critters 2.0

I will be taking a break from this Blog so I can finish my work on Critters 2.0. I have finally decided to stay with the Android platform after experimenting with a number of web technologies. None of them really played out quite as well as a native application. I have finished my basic framework for the new version of Critters and I am ready to start feature coding.

The new version of Critters will be significantly different from the first version. Critters 2.0 will use a cloud backend with synchronization for data storage and push notifications for various medical reminders. The application will no longer be free, but will be very reasonably priced. This decision was made as cloud services have a cost associated with the benefits they provide. I believe this will make Critters much more robust and allow users to access their data across multiple devices.

I will be blogging about my progress over on This new website will provide online documentation for the application, FAQs and forums supporting the new version of Critters. The site will also have galleries and forums where users can post pictures and stories about their pets.

This site will still be the home of ZuniSoft and my technical blog.