Facebook SDK for Android

Wow, the quality of SDKs have really gone downhill. I just spent two days trying to get past the poor documentation and non-compiling sample applications of the Facebook for Android SDK. I also had a similar experience with the Android SDK from Kinvey. The difference is Kinvey wants you to succeed and has awesome developer support whereas Facebook really doesn’t care what they release. Facebook has become way too big, too fast to be able to release any sort of quality work. I look forward to good things from Kinvey.

Just a rant… there, I feel better.

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  1. I'm guessing that you were looking into the Facebook API to use it for user authentication, and that is why Kinvey is also a viable option. Is that assumption correct?

    I really like that they have free API usage for 0 to 100 users. I've enjoyed using the AWS services, but my free usage tier time limit has been reached. I don't want to pay for discovery purposes. The potential cost makes Kinvey look appealing in that way, too. Especially when you can make use of Kinvey's data storage, push abilities, and maybe the cloud based business logic, as well as using the authentication.

  2. Yes and no, the Kinvey SDK requires the presence of the Facebook SDK for authentication. The same is true for Google authentication, you need to have the Google Play Services jar to get authentication to work through Kinvey. Twitter was a bit different, just create a Twitter app and go through a browser to authenticate.

    You are correct about Kinvey, they have a lot of cool stuff for a reasonable cost. I looked at using Google App Engine, but by the time I tried to add up the cost, it was way too expensive.

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