Critters Source – KTR Development Violates the GPL

Today I discovered that my GPL Critters Android code was copied and turned into a commercial application by a company named KTR Development.

KTR changed the home screen graphic and renamed the application. See the following example:

They are now selling it on the Android Market under the name “Healthy Pets”. The link to the KTR home page results in an invalid redirect. There is no way to check if my modified source is available online or on request, a clear violation of the GPL v2 license under which I made the code available.

Modifying and redistribution for fee is allowed under the license; however, the source must be made available. KTR’s description on the market does not say the application is open source or even acknowledges the original author of the source they are using.

This is becoming a very disappointing trend where suspect companies troll for source code and use it to make money while violating licenses in the process. I think I will need to re-evaluate making my projects open source in the future.

Maybe KTR will step up and make things right…

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