New Critters Version in the Works

I recently started working on the next generation of Critters, my personal pet health record project. The new version will be based on ASP.NET MVC and JQuery Mobile.

Pet data will be stored on a secure server and allow access to any device that supports a JavaScript enabled web browser. This will give end users a wider range of devices to use with Critters. Multiple devices in conjunction with cloud services and storage puts your pet’s information at your fingertips anywhere!

Check back and we will let you know when we get our demo up and running!

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WordPress to Blogger Conversion Success!

It has been over a year; however, I just managed to get all my old WordPress posts, comments, and pages into Blogger. There are a lot of broken links at the moment and missing pictures that I hope to have fixed soon.

Thank you for your unbelievable patience!

UPDATE 10/30/2011: Finished!
UPDATE 10/29/2011: Reformatted another 4 posts!
UPDATE 10/23/2011: Reformatted another 4 posts!
UPDATE 10/07/2011: Almost halfway finished!

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Critters Development – Now Hosted on Google Code

Yesterday I moved Critters development to Google Code. This moved included the user FAQ, platform statistics and source code archive packages.  The latest source is available in Git along with all tagged releases. I also created a Google Group for users to post questions and suggest enhancements for the application. The current project page on this blog with continue to be updated with the latest feature list, screenshots and links to the Google Code and Google Group sites.

New Site Links:

I hope that if you find Critters useful or just have an issue that you need help with, you will take advantage of these new resources.

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Import XML Files into SQL Server 2005 or 2008

Presented is a script that allows one to import all XML files in a specific directory into SQL Server 2005 or 2008 and store it as XML. Most of what is presented should work for importing the contents of any type of file, not just XML. The example uses OLE Automation Procedures to extract extra data that one may find of use storing along with the XML such as file creation time, size, etc. Continue reading “Import XML Files into SQL Server 2005 or 2008”

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New Blog

It has been some time since I posted anything to this blog.  Since moving from Billings to Salt Lake City, I haven’t had the time to get my old WordPress server up and running.  In that light I decided to try Blogger on Google.

I have quite a few of my older posts that need to be converted and eventually they will.  I know many of you found them helpful.  It will be interesting to see how the conversion process from WordPress to Blogger turns out.  So be patient and check back often.

Thank you for your support!

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