Critters – Alpha Update on Android Market

I have released an update to Critters (alpha) on the Android Market. This is a bug fix release and does not include any new features.

Changes for version 0.2.0:

  1. Enhanced the form validation dialog with a more intuitive message. Some users were having problems saving their owner information and the validation dialog was not as clear as it should have been. The validation dialog now suggests that users check fields behind all form tabs for errors.
  2. Fixed state spinner synchronization bug. The state list array was not properly sorted and caused search lookup errors that would cause the incorrect state from the database to be displayed to the user. This bug did not effect the saving of a selected state, only the display when a user returned to the edit form to make changes.
  3. Added experimental localization support. Users in the U.S. and Canada share a list of states and provinces. This list is ordered with provinces first if the phone is set to en_CA or fr_CA and states first if the locale is en_US. All other locales show a country list that will store the two character ISO country code in place of a state. This country code is displayed below the postal code in the e-mailed pet record and other locations in the application where an address is displayed. Locales outside the U.S. and Canada use the ISO yyyy-mm-dd format to display dates.

If you encounter any issues with this release, please report them in the comments section. Enjoy!

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