Critters Update for December

Critters has been updated and includes the following new functionality and enhancements:

  • New – Pet list with thumbnail photos
  • New – Pet list filtering
  • New – Veterinarian search via Google Maps application
  • New – Save custom veterinarian search terms
  • New – User stories added to unit tests
  • Enhancement – Owner list thumbnail photos
  • Enhancement – Owner list filtering
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Critters Update

It has been hard to find the time, but I finally made a bit of progress on Critters. Pet owner management is almost complete and includes the following functionality:

  • Create, edit and delete owners
  • Attach a photo of an owner to their personal record
  • Place a call from the owner’s contact list
  • Send an e-mail from the owner’s contact list

To learn more about Critters and see a few screenshots, visit the project’s home page here.

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ActiveRecord Data Model for Android

This month I was researching ways to implement data access for my Android project. I found an interesting tutorial posted by Java Padawan available here. The author presents what is a “sort-of” ActiveRecord data model for Android. I really liked the idea and implemented my own version for use in my project. Today’s article covers most of what was presented in the author’s original tutorial plus a few other items that I felt were missing. Continue reading “ActiveRecord Data Model for Android”

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Android Input Validation

Today’s article will cover a quick and dirty approach to form validation for Android applications. My application has an activity that displays a form to the user for entering personal information. This information is then stored in a SQLite database. I needed a way to validate the data in the form’s widgets before saving that data in the application’s database. The Android framework provides some support for entering valid data into a form. This support includes hints and input filters. Hints are a handy way to help a user enter information when a widget’s text is empty. Continue reading “Android Input Validation”

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Android Dialog Theme and Window Decorations

While working on my first Android project, I ran into an interesting problem; how to add an icon to the window title of my application’s about dialog. My search for a solution only led to others asking this same question without any answers. Here is my solution to the problem in the hope that it may save you some time engineering your own. Continue reading “Android Dialog Theme and Window Decorations”

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openEPRS Project Update

It was over two years ago that I embarked on creating an open source electronic medical record. Today I have decided to discontinue work on openEPRS. This rise of other open source projects such as Medsphere put openEPRS at a competitive disadvantage. The complexity and scope of building an EMR is beyond the capabilities of a single developer. That is not to say definitively that it is impossible. However, by the time a single person could complete such a project, it would be obsolete.

In retrospect, the project was not a complete failure. openEPRS was a great opportunity for learning Ruby on Rails which helped me become a better developer. Now, on to the next challenge!

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Cruise and Ubuntu System Wide Environment Settings

I discovered a strange little problem the other day. I just completed my install of ThoughtWorks Cruise on a server running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. In case you haven’t heard of it, Cruise is a continuous integration and release management system. Everything appeared to be running correctly; so I proceeded to setup a pipeline for an Android project I was working on.

Android uses Ant to build and manage a project outside an IDE such as Eclipse. This looked like a no brainer using Cruise’s <ant> task. I had Ant 1.7.1 installed with the following lines in my server’s /etc/environment file:
Continue reading “Cruise and Ubuntu System Wide Environment Settings”

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