Building PHP Projects with Phing

Now that I have NetBeans, Zend and XAMPP installed and configured (see this article), I moved on to find a build system for my project. I have used Ant for years and as luck would have it, there is an equivalent for PHP called Phing. The need for such a utility is multifold: document generation, unit testing, packaging your project for distribution, etc.

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A Word on Knowledge Base Articles

I thought I would make a quick comment on the knowledge base articles I have posted over the last couple of years. Someone recently asked why I would post an article on setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable in Ubuntu.

Like many Linux distributions, each one can have a slightly different way of doing something simple such as globally setting an environment variable. When I found the answer, I was going to put it in Tomboy. I thought, why not share my answer by adding it to a special category in my blog instead. In the past, I have found answers to technical questions on the web by others willing to share their knowledge. I decided to return the favor.

Some of my KB articles can be a little on the terse side, verging on being half-baked brain dumps to more useful step by step instructions on how to accomplish something. I hope some of you find them useful nonetheless!

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