openEPRS: Web Services Console

I decided to spruce up the default page for the openEPRS web services application.  The application is implemented using the Jersey RI for JSR-311 REST Web Services.  While Jersey provides a nice UI for testing your web services, trying to integrate it into the main application was more trouble than it was worth.  Since the framework is still under development, I don’t want to redo all my modifications every time a new version is released.  I still wanted to find some way of displaying what services are available and document how they are used.

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Mingle 2.0 Upgrade

Last week I upgraded Mingle from 1.1 to 2.0. This time it looks like some of the memory and CPU issues have finally been tamed. Although ThoughtWorks recommends 2GB of memory for Mingle (it still boggles the mind that it needs this much RAM), I have been successful with 1GB on one of my servers with the application using roughly 385MB. Trying to run Mingle 1.1 on this same machine resulted in the server coming to a crawl after 2 days of operation. Both CPUs would be at 80% utilization with no free memory, all this with no one using the application!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed with 2.0 hoping the memory gremlins don’t return.

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