Thursday, October 18, 2007

Abstractia Theme Fixes

I believe that I have all the layout and plugin bugs fixed for the Abstractia WordPress theme that is used on this site.

Problems and Solutions
  1. Search results and sidebar misaligned: in search.php, move
    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    from the bottom of the template to the top just below
    The search page will now display correctly, without the sidebar being shoved to the bottom.
  2. Obsocialbookmarker plugin links not functioning: This was due to the .subpostmeta css class using the full width of the post area and a default z-order that put that element over the links causing them to behave as if they were disabled. I floated my bookmarks to the right and the subpostmeta to the left as well as adding the following change to Abstractia's layout.css to prevent element overlap:
      .subpostmeta {
        width: 405px;
  3. Transmenu plugin not displaying correctly in IE 7: The list elements that make up the main page menu were not properly opened and closed, this worked in FireFox but not Internet Explorer. The following change was made to transMenu.php in the trans_list_pages() function:
  4. '.''.$page->post_title.'
  5. ';