Feisty to Gutsy Upgrade

Over the weekend I upgraded two boxes running Ubuntu Linux 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) to 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). The upgrades were initiated through the distribution upgrade option found in the update notifier. The boxes were a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop and a Dell Dimension XPS desktop.
There really isn’t much to report other than the upgrades just worked (see my other post on moving from Edgy to Feisty).

Gutsy Gibbon ScreenshotThe only disappointment was the new indexing application, Tracker. Search results were inconsistent at best, with the first day working great and the next day queries that worked the day before returning nothing. The desktop applet that integrates with Tracker appeared to be broken as well, particularly when it found an email but wouldn’t open it, the applet just closed without an error (disk files worked without any problems). I searched the application logs and Ubuntu forums trying everything from delaying startup at boot time to forcing a complete re-index. I reverted to Beagle for now until all the bugs are worked out.

The amazing part is this is the third distribution upgrade on these machines without any major problems. I know for a fact this wouldn’t work if you tried an in place upgrade of Windows 2000 to Windows XP and finally to Windows Vista.

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