Feisty Server Upgrade

Last month I bit the bullet and upgraded my server from Ubuntu Edgy to Feisty. The server hosts Apache, Postfix, MySQL, SVN, Glassfish, CruiseControl.rb and numerous PHP applications.

In addition to the applications, the server functions as a router using iptables with two nics. I followed the instructions for the new server upgrade tool and an hour later I had a perfectly functioning server running Feisty. I checked all my installed applications and nothing was broken!

This is simply amazing! If the server had been running any version of Windows, the upgrade wouldn’t have been without problems. In either case, the preferred method would be to backup, wipe the disk, install and restore however, being able to upgrade in place is a real time saver. Four desktops were also upgraded with the same results.

I look forward to the same results with Gutsy this fall…

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