All I can say about this project is “WOW”! IEs4Linux finally provides a low resource solution to running Internet Explorer on Linux. Many of our web projects are cross browser and we run a number of operating systems for development depending on client requirements. Until IEs4Linux, it has been difficult to develop on Linux and test using Internet Explorer short of having to install a complete virtual machine running WIndows XP.

IEs4Linux runs Internet Explorer versions 5.0 through 7.0. While not totally fool proof, IEs4Linux allows one to quickly verify if a page displays correctly with Internet Explorer. IE7 support is beta and it seems to work quite well. Support for IE7 uses IE6 with the version 7 rendering engine, in other words you won’t get the new interface with tabs and such.

IEs4Linux uses Wine for the translation layer and some users have reported different levels of success depending on the version of Wine installed on the system running IEs4Linux. This solution also requires that one have a legal copy of Windows in hand to avoid any licensing issues.

You can get IEs4Linux from Tatanka.

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