Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mono and MonoDevelop

Two years later and a lot of work by dedicated developers, Mono's .NET 1.1 support is essentially 100% complete. The prospect of cross-platform .NET while exciting, brought back memories of the progress made by the Wine project. Wine has been around longer than Mono and still cannot run most Windows applications in a stable fashion. This was part of my decision to wait an extended period before evaluating Mono.


All I can say about this project is "WOW"! IEs4Linux finally provides a low resource solution to running Internet Explorer on Linux. Many of our web projects are cross browser and we run a number of operating systems for development depending on client requirements. Until IEs4Linux, it has been difficult to develop on Linux and test using Internet Explorer short of having to install a complete virtual machine running WIndows XP.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Web Site Construction

Please forgive us if our sites don't look quite right in your browser of choice. We are still working the bugs out of our themes for Wordpress, PhpBB, PhpBT and Mediawiki. Users browsing with Mozilla based browsers should not encounter any problems. We are having a number of issues tweaking our sites for IE 7 which should be resolved in the near future.

Update 12-10-2006

All sites should render correctly under FireFox 1.5+ and Internet Explorer 7.0.